Spacing and Fixing

The bamboo backbone of your thatch strip is your fixing point for attaching the thatch to the roof. Each strip is pulled upto the pre marked lines and nailed on using 50mm galvanised DuoFast ring shank nail gun nails. The ring shanks on the nails ensure the slippery bamboo stick will not easily pull itself off the nail.

We do not use staples or brad nails to fix the thatch under any circumstances.

Thatch spacing not only plays a vital role in the integrity of the waterproofing, but also the longevity and internal aesthetics of the pavilion. At Balistyle we recommend no more than 60mm spacing for the roof to ensure the resort style look and feel of your pavilion is achieved. For that high class 5 star resort look spacing of 50mm can also be used to give an ultra tight, manicured internal lining. We also recommend 50 mm spacing for all our commercial installations.

By using such tight thatch spacing not only is your pavilion given a unique internal look but the roof has ultimately been given thickness and longevity. For example, a roof thatched at 80-120mm spacing will only contain upto half the amount of thatch with an approximate roof thickness 100mm, where as a 60mm spaced roof will be over 250mm thick. This means that not only will the desired resort style look be achieved, the product’s life will also be dramatically increased.  

Ideal roof pitches range from 35 to 40 degrees to ensure sufficient gradient for quick run off of any surface rainwater. Likewise being in this ideal range adds to the overall class of your pavilion.