Fire Retardent

Most people are unaware that alang-alang thatching grass is highly flammable. We are not trying to scare people but merely informing the public of the nature of the product. However the alang-alang thatching we use can be treated with a fire retardant product for added peace of mind. The fire retardant product used in the treatment process was chemically engineered and invented by us. The fire retarding treatment process was originally carried out at our workshop in West Gosford but has since been moved offshore to the island of Bali and is processed under agreement and instruction with ETO International. The fire retardant thatching available here at Balistyle has been tested by the CSIRO and complies with standard AS/NZS:1530.3.1999 which outlines ignitability, flame propagation, heat and smoke release.

It is completely environmentally friendly and was blended carefully by us to be safely used for thatching the Asian Elephant Precinct at the Taronga Park Zoo. It was imperative the treated thatch remained safe to the elephants should any become dislodged from the roof and eaten. It was also approved by the Taronga Park Zoo Vets as safe for the elephants prior to installation. The product is known as Thatch Guard 40 and is today sold on a world market.