DIY Kits

The kits manufactured at Balistyle are hand cut and crafted using proper technical timber joinery joints, all to Australian Building Code. We don’t rely solely on batten screws and nails for our pavilions, but rather use them in conjunction with checkouts and housing joints to avoid any twisting and warping of timbers. This construction ensures a strong long lasting product of top quality and detailed craftsmanship. All of our kits are also completely flat packable and able to be shipped nationwide.

Every kit made in our factory is pre-assembled, numbered and marked out prior to staining to ensure that when it arrives to your door you are able to hit the ground running with your own self install without any issues. The timber we use is treated pine H3 for above ground use and H4 for in-ground use. There are warranties provided by the timber manufacturers of this product which pass to you upon purchase of your pavilion. Therefore we do not offer a 25-year timber warranty as this is provided by the timber producers i.e. Carter Holt Harvey for example.

Staining of your Balistyle pavilion is normally carried out using Intergrain ‘Merbau’, a top of the line water-based stain which gives a vibrant contrast in colour to your golden coloured thatched roof. Of course there are other brands of stain available, however Intergrain is our recommended and preferred product.

Our kits are all totally customizable with different terracotta roof tiles, carvings, lighting and post tops to suit your vision and taste for your new resort style backyard. In particular the use of LED strip lights which will subtly brighten up your pavilion and produce a spectacular halo glow which will really set off your new space all while being completely concealed and out of view. We build in provision during the manufacturing process of your pavilion for the LED strip light to be hidden from view and achieve the desired look. This is a standard inclusion in all pavilions manufactured.


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