What is "Alang-Alang"?

Alang-Alang is a totally natural product grown on the islands of Bali and Lombok, its common name is Kunai grass and its botanical name is Imperata Cylindrica.

The thatch is hand woven and lashed onto a bamboo batten. The finished length of the thatch is approximately 750mm to 1metre long (30-40 inches).

We use and recommend 7.3 sheets of thatch per covered square metre. This allows for a thatch spacing of 60mm between sheets. Ideal rafter spacing for your pavilion is 600mm as the sheets we import from Indonesia are available in lengths of 2.400mm, 1.800mm and 1.200mm. For rafter sizes you should refer to the appropriate rafter span table in your building specification manual i.e. Building Code of Australia. Ideal roof pitches range anywhere between 30 and 40 degrees. This allows rainwater to run off rapidly, maintaining a waterproofing effect and maximising the life of the thatch.

The internal aspect of the roof is very decorative and requires no ceiling linings, however, it is recommended to stain all timber members prior to fixing Alang-Alang.

Alang Alang can be treated with a fire retardant if required. We are able to treat your thatch prior to despatch from our warehouse. Please enquire for further details.