Alang Alang 1

Sheets of thatch for roofs
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What others are saying...

  • "Steve, we want you to know that the Bali Style hut you and your team constructed for us is amazing! The whole family are enjouying it so much, it's something we should have done years ago.
    We were amazed at how efficient the whole process was, you guys obviously really know your stuff!"

    Michael S. Terrigal NSW

  • "I just wanted to say a huge thanks to Steve and his crew for the wonderful work they did erecting the Bali Style thatched hut by my pool. It looks absolutely amazing and everyone is thrilled to bits with it.

    We have already had several cocktails (or more! ) on our lounges and it's fantastic. We'll be recommending you to all our friends!"

    Helen G. Erina Hts NSW.